We seek to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

To do so, we have developed numerous types of fabrics using a variety of raw materials. We always try to keep abreast of trends and to provide solutions that are in line with them.

The collections launched every two years are developed taking into account the trends set in the textile and fashion world, resulting in technical, functional fabrics as well as specific designs and colours.


Knitting is carried out 24 hours a day within our facilities, and our team is divided into three shifts, thus allowing them to manufacture quick and effective solutions.

Our wide production area is equipped with the most recent electronic and mechanical circular looms, which can transform various types of fibres (both natural and synthetic) into a variety of fabrics such as jersey, piqué, fleece, interlock, ribbed and waffle, among others.

The production area has access to direct natural light and is attached to a dedusting centre that works to vacuum up every type of fluff residue circulating in the air during the weaving process, ensuring that the humidity in the air remains stable by blowing out previously treated air.


Because we want our products to meet customer expectations, we guarantee to ensure quality control practices are implemented for every fabric produced.

To do so, we have invested in high-tech inspection machines that allow us to inspect every type of fabric manufactured, as well as internal procedures that allow us to minimise risks and ensure consistently high-quality products for our customers. Traceability of any product is also ensured at all stages of the process.

In addition, Casa da Malha has access to a laboratory made up of two rooms, one of which has a controlled environment. These labs are equipped with 20 high precision/measurement tools, which guarantee a high level of quality control for all products and raw materials.


Casa da Malha operates throughout the value chain.

From receiving all the resources necessary to producing, storing and shipping finished products.

We have established partnerships that allow us to guarantee international shipping.