Two of Casa da Malha's priorities are ensuring the quality of its products and processes, whether technological or organisational, and that they stand out in the market

We therefore commit to meeting all customer, supplier and stakeholder needs by complying with all applicable requirements.

Thanks to our strong focus on quality and in order to provide the best solutions possible, we seek to work exclusively with suppliers and partners who adhere to the same values ​​and principles as Casa da Malha.

Internal audits are also carried out as a means through which to find opportunities for continuous improvement.

Casa da Malha is ISO 90001 certified


A safe, healthy work environment is ensured for all company employees.

Measures are taken to prevent injuries, to avoid damaging employee health in any way as well as to reduce any significant risks identified. The company also commits to providing any protective equipment that may be necessary to allow each employee to carry out their duties safely.

Regular training sessions are provided, and an emergency plan has been established, including safety training in the event of a fire.

A health and safety committee has been established to ensure the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace.

Casa da Malha is ISO 45001 certified and able to produce textile products that are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring that the textiles produced are free from any harmful substances.

Social responsibility

Casa da Malha is SA8000 certified, which guarantees worker rights, conditions in the workplace and effective management systems.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, training and skills development and complying with working hours that do not interfere with the personal lives of workers are only some of the rights ensured by Casa da Malha.

A Social Performance Team made up of the employee representatives and the management team has been established. Meeting periodically, this team aims to give all our employees a voice, with a view to ensuring the continuous improvement of the company and to resolving any issues that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

We ensure that all our partners and suppliers adhere to the same guidelines.

The Environment / Sustainability

Environmental issues are considered throughout Casa da Malha’s operations, seeking to minimise the company’s impact on the environment.

All residues produced as a result of Casa da Malha’s operations are properly treated, as are oils. EcoLub

With the exception of warehouse areas, all areas within Casa da Malha, including the Production area, have access to direct natural light.

The company has the capacity necessary to produce textiles using sustainable raw materials and seeks to incorporate these types of fibres into our collections.

In fact, one of Casa da Malha’s objectives is that the collections presented biannually will be exclusively made using sustainable raw materials.

We also expect that the company will be operating exclusively on renewable energy by 2025.

Casa da Malha is ISO 14001 certified