Casa da Malha’s mission is to create value through innovation and by producing technical, functional, comfortable fabrics unlike any other. We strive for customer satisfaction while ensuring we implement responsible business and environmental practices.

We want to become a benchmark in the textile industry, making our mark and continuously seeking to develop, ever ambitious while also ensuring we remain sustainable. We aim to make a name for ourselves based on the quality of our products and the added value they provide thanks to our investments into the latest technology, in the sophistication of the operational processes we use as well as the technicality and design of our fabrics.


Casa da Malha’s vision is to become a company that is recognised for providing its customers with the best solutions, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, thus becoming a global benchmark in the textile industry.

The knowledge we have together with the track record in the area, differentiated equipment, high quality infrastructure, permanent development and innovation and the existent relationship with clients of unquestionable value, allow Casa da Malha to be a company to be considered in the business segment it works at the global scale.

Rua do Rio, nº 286
4750-625 Perelhal
Barcelos – Portugal
+351 253 860 080