Casa da Malha arised from the experience and know-how acquired for more than 44 years in the textile area. The willingness to invest in modern technology while following the highest standards have allowed us to specialize in the manufacture of quality knitted fabrics.

Our high level of expertise is noted in all different key departments of the organization, namely knowledge and access to all types of raw materials existent in the market, technical knowledge of the product applied to in-house development and client’s needs, and technical productive knowledge apllied to last generation equipment.

For strategic purposes of the company, we work the fashion segment, meaning we transform all types of fibers (natural and synthetic) into different structures (jersey, pique, fleece, interlock, rib, american fleece, double face).

The knowledge we have together with the track record in the area, differentiated equipment, high quality infrastructure, permanent development and innovation and the existent relationship with clients of unquestionable value, allow Casa da Malha to be a company to be considered in the business segment it works at the global scale.

Rua do Rio, nº 286
4750-625 Perelhal – Barcelos
+351 253 860 080